Royal Python Dietary Disorder

Royal Python

Royal Pythons are very hard to feed. Upon purchasing a pet Royal Python they usually go up to a month before eating. This is normal and you should wait until six to nine months before force feeding a Royal Python. The Royal Python does not feed easily at the beginning simply because it is frightened of its new surroundings. Royal Pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes for people to buy ahead of corn snakes. They are much thicker than a corn snake so when they start feeding they can take a larger rodent. The snake care needed for a Royal Python is slightly different from most snakes but it is not difficult to learn. Young Royal Pythons need mice but when they mature they should be large enough to take a rat or small bird. This specific breed of snake matures slowly and will typically be under eighteen inches for over a year.

A much more common illness for Royal Pythons is having ticks. Just be sure to run your fingers down the snake’s scales before purchasing. Never buy a snake that seems sick or is living in feces because you do not want to have an unhealthy snake.

Here is a great video about Royal Python Care: